Sunday, February 14, 2010

Acapulco Fort San Diego, Acapulco Museums

Acapulco Museums, Fort San Diego

      Acapulco is one of the older resort areas of Mexico but interesting.  Some great museums, beaches, and tradition keep it hanging on. The Zocalo could be one of the best in Mexico  The huge old trees make it unique.

I stayed at the Pie de la Cuesta, a long strip of beach six miles northwest of the city, off Route 200. 
     Bus service is regular into the city, though the buses are despicable.  Old and rickety can be charming at times but dilapidated and dangerous crosses a line out of quaint.  The seats are propped up by ropes and during one ride I cut my finger on the exposed metal frame.
     On one trip to the city I visited the Museum Fort San Diego, a cultural highlight. On another trip,  the Los Flamingo, while not a museum, took a half day of browsing the Hollywood nostalgia.
     Other sites might be worth a visit. The Dolores Olmedo Gallery was once the house of Dolores Olmedo, a patron of artists and literary luminaries in the 50s. Diego Rivera created a mural on a wall of the house using mosaics.
The house is on Avenida Costera Miguel Aleman at number 4455, best found on a tour or through a cab ride. Closed Monday
In the same area is the Museum of Archaeology with a collection of pre-Hispanic artifacts found on the surrounding area. Closed Monday
Another interesting site is the non denominational Chapel of Peace in the Las Brisas area, a hill with a commanding view of the harbor. Look for the cross high above the southeast side of the bay. This is a good photo spot.

Route 200 Northwest

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