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Guelaguetza Parades, July Cultural Festival, Oaxaca

Guelaguetza Parades Oaxaca, Photos

The Guelaguetza parades in Oaxaca City form at the Stone Cross Park.   The park is located between the Alcala and Calle (street) Garcia Vigil, eight blocks north of the Zocalo.  Larger parades that open and close the event will form in Llano Park and march to the Stone Cross Park and then south on the Alcala (pedestrian-only street) 

During the parades, costumed marchers and brass bands parade to the center of the city.  The marchers throw gifts to the crowd in the tradition of Guelaguetza, a word which means offering or gift in the Zapotec language.   In the 2012 event there were a reported 47 indigenous groups participating from throughout the State of Oaxaca.    Parade Video Youtube

  • Guelaguetza Parade Dates
The Guelaguetza (schedule) parades of the delegations occurs on the weekend before the Monday Guelaguetza  performance.  The parade of the delegations will also form on the Saturday before the final Guelaguetza performance.  The parades are formed at 7 pm in the Stone Cross Park between Alcala and Garcia Vigil, near the Pochote Garden, although the larger parades might start at llano Park, two blocks east.  The parades go south on the pedestrian only street, Alcala, to the Zocalo.

Parade: Friday July 13 and 14, 7pm
Parade: July 20, 6 pm, Stone Cross to the Cathedral and Zocalo    
Parade: July 27,  6 pm, same staging area and route to the Cathedral and Zocalo  (Check with tourist info as these dates and times could change) 

  • Office of Tourism,  City Tourist Office
Office of Tourism, City of Oaxaca, 102 Matamoros.    The office is located between Alcala (Street) and Calle Gracia Vigil, 4 blocks north of the Zocalo.
Also find Info at the State Tourism Office on the west side of Llano Park at the theater. 

  • Dates and Tickets  
2013 dates:  Two days of performances; July 22 and July 29, 
Two performances daily, 10 am performance, and 5 pm performance.
Ticket Price:  Section A,  1500 Pesos, Section B,880 Pesos,  Section C and D, free.

  • Reach Oaxaca City 

 Reach Oaxaca City via high-speed highway from Mexico City.  
Oaxaca offers direct jet flights from Houston and Mexico City. International connections through Mexico City or Houston.  
ADO offers first Class service from Mexico City Tapo and Norte Terminal.  First Class ADO Bus service from Puebla and Veracruz

Source of Information
Office of Tourism, City of Oaxaca,
102 Matamoros, Centro 
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