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Safety On First Class Buses In Mexico

Safety While Traveling On First Class Buses In Mexico

While traveling on a first class bus in Mexico there are a few details that will make your trip safer.
While on the bus keep your day pack with you and your essentials like sweater, computer, camera, snack water, etc in the pack in the overhead or under your leg rest. Keep your passport, visa, money, credit cards, ATM cards etc on your person.

First class buses in Mexico include air conditioning, lavatory, seatbelts, 
reclining seats, Wifi, tv

When touring the city or beach town keep your passport, visa, money, credit cards, ATM cards etc on your person not in your day pack.  You can store your luggage in the bus terminal storage office while touring.  (Check the hours of operation, not all are 24 hours)

While on the bus or in the station don’t share drink or food with strangers.

Large cities will have more than one first class 
bus station.  Mexico City has four first class stations.

Bus Stations
A large city could have more than one bus station; Mexico City for example has four first class stations. Write down the name of your station once you arrive and before you catch a taxi to head into the Centro Historico of the city or to the beach or ruin site. 

Bus terminals in Mexico offer bus routes to all of
Mexico with several lines covering the same routes.

These stations might just be a three letter abbreviation (TAM, for instance for Transportation Autobus Moralia, or ADO First Class in Oaxaca, CAME in Merida) You are apt to forget this after a day of touring or beaching. Write this on your ticket stub and you have the station name and the bus line. 

Do the same with your hotel or hostel. Ask at the desk for a card with the name and address. Hand that to a taxi driver when you want to return to your hotel and you will have no problem.

Bus travel allows you to see the mountain scenery in Mexico
Taxis In Mexico
Let the starter at the station or the concierge/hotel manager arrange for your taxi in Mexico City and in other large cities. The price will be pre-set and there will be no surprises. If you are on the street, ask for the taxi stand or go into a hotel and ask the clerk to call a taxi. Let the starter at the bus station arrange for the cab. Always agree on a price before entering the cab. 

Be specific about your destination when determining taxi trip price. Show the hotel/hostel card or map location if you are not fluent in the language.

With taxis you can ask other travelers to join you and share the price; the taxis charge by the trip not by the number of people. (The colectivo (shared taxi) on the other hand, charges per person)

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