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Bus First Class Huatulco From Oaxaca City

Huatulco Resorts From Oaxaca First Class Bus

Tangalunda Bay, Huatulco

OCC Bus leaving from Oaxaca City's ADO first class bus station serves Huatulco from Oaxaca City.  This is an eight hour trip.  (380 Pesos)

Conejo Bay, Huatulco
The buses arrive at the Huatulco first class bus station where taxis are available.  The first and second class bus stations are within five blocks of one another in the Huatulco town of La Crucecita.

Tangolunda Bay Golf Course

La Crucecita's bus station is a modern station with bus service to Puerto Escondido, Pochutla, and south to Chiapas.  Taxi service available to any location.

La Crucecita was created in 1987

Bus to Huatulco from Acapulco
Estrella Blanca Futura bus serves to Huatulco from Acapulco.
Alta Mar Bus also serves to Huatulco from Acapulco's Ejido Station.

Alta Mar Bus serves to Puerto
Escondido and Huatulco from Acapulco
Sur Bus

Sur Bus runs local, second class bus service along
 coastal Highway 200  between Puerto Escondido and
 Juchitan/Salina Cruz

Sur bus from  Huatulco serves with hourly runs to Puerto Escondido.   Two hour trip no lavatory aboard.  Buses stop in Pochutla and at the Mazunte crossroads.

La Crucecita, Huatulco

Bus Service From Huatulco
Buses serve from Huatulco to many locations along the coast and to distant locations.  Estrella Blanca's Alta Mar and Futura bus serve to Mexico City, and Acapulco.
OCC bus from ADO serves to Tapachula, Chiapas, and Palenque, through San Cristobal de las Casas.   OCC Bus serves to Oaxaca City

Reach Oaxaca Beaches From Huatulco

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