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Huatulco Resort, Oaxaca

Huatulco Resort, Oaxaca, Santa Cruz, Huatulco

Each year in February we head to the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca for a week-long beach vacation.  This year the destination is the resort of Huatulco and the tidiest little town in all of Mexico, La Crucecita. 

Huatulco is a federally developed resort area on the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca State built on twenty two miles (as the crow flies)  of coast within the nine bays and 33 beaches in what was once a small fishing community. 

The resort was built by The Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo, FONATUR, a Federal agency that developed the sparsely inhabited bays along the coast in the 1980s while setting aside a large bio reserve area that includes four undeveloped bays protected from further development. 

 The resorts were built to be ecologically compatible with the natural surroundings and include modern sewer systems with no ocean dumping and a fresh water system that supplies drinkable water to the taps of the resorts.  These resorts consists of five major sites, la Crucecita, Santa Cruz, Bahia Chahué, Bahia Tangolunda, and Bahia Conejo.

La Crucecita

The zocalo at La Crucecita, Santa Cruz Huatulco

Our favorite is La Crucecita, mainly because it is small, walkable, and much like many other of Mexico's small colonial towns.  Crucecita is not old, however, it was built during the 1980s development of the resorts as a low-rise village center with a plaza, church, and surrounding restaurants, clubs, and lodging inns and small hotels. 

 La Crucecita village provides low and moderately priced accommodations for visitors and provides a neighborhood for resort employees. La Crucecita includes a first class bus terminal serving ADO, OCC, and Sur Buses, and a second class terminal serving Futura Bus with two trips daily to Acapulco, Alta Mar Bus serving Acapulco, and local buses. Taxi and collective taxis are also located in Crucecita and the modern, international airport (HUX) is a 15 minute drive or 150 Peso taxi ride distant.

Santa Cruz
The bay at Santa Cruz Huatulco

From La Crucecita we catch a taxi or colectivo a mile west to Santa Cruz beach at the end of a broad bay and the village of Santa Cruz.  This beach-side community provides resort lodging, a marina, and a cruise ship terminal designed to host about 80 cruise ships annually. 
The chapel at Santa Cruz Huatulco

 Hotels here include all inclusive resorts such as the Binniguenda all inclusive and the Hotel Marina Resort. Santa Cruz offers a small wave beach and a short drive to snorkeling at the small wave beach La Entrega 

Interior of the chapel at Santa Cruz Huatulco

The beach at Santa Cruz Huatulco

Tangolunda Bay

The resorts on Tangolunda Bay are of the luxury and all inclusive variety including some major providers of luxury resort lodging: Camino Real, Dreams Resorts, Crown Pacific Resorts, and Barcelo. Nearby is the 18-hole, Tangolunda Club de Golf,  a course at the center of controversy at the moment with its new 6000 Pesos green fees (450 USD), a price that tops the fees at Pebble Beach. On a Sunday morning in March of 2014 the coarse was empty

Santa Cruz Huatulco resort, 

Bahía de Chahué 
Bahía de Chahué  (bay) is a moderate to high priced area of hotels, such as the Marina Park Plaza Huatulco and the Villa Blanca,  grouped within a walk to the beach, Playa Chahué, and  to the 80+ slip marina.

Bahía de Conejo 
Bahia Conejo is a small circular cove with a new Secrets Resort complex built into the hill that circles the cove.
Just a few years ago I would taxi to the hilltop and take a trail through the woods for a swim from the half-mile, deserted beach with just one fishing shack at the southeast end.  Now the new resort occupies much of the hillside above the bay.

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