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Bus Puerto Escondido to Acapulco

Bus Puerto Escondido to AcapulcobyDavid Hilbert 

Bus Experts Update April 2014

Puerto Escondido Playa Marinero at sunset

Puerto Escondido Bus to Acapulco

To reach Acapulco from Oaxaca's Huatulco or Puerto Escondido, find the Estrella Blanca Futura Bus from Huatulco or the Alta Mar Buses running seven trips daily from Puerto Escondido's Central Station.

Puerto Escondido dining on the beach at Playa

Alta Mar Bus

Alta Mar Bus serves seven trips daily form Puerto Escondido to Acapulco for 395 Pesos. Find the buses at the Puerto Escondido Central Bus Terminal 
These buses can not be booked online so it is best to taxi to the station prior to to desired departure (25 Pesos) and inquire about the latest schedule and buy a ticket if you find a suitable trip. 

The bus route is over coast road, Route 200, through Pinotepa Nacional and takes 8 hours.  The buses stop at Ejido Station, an Estrella Blanca bus terminal.

Zihuatanejo Dining

Costa Bus

On a March 2014 trip I bought a ticket from Ejido Station in Acapulco for a trip to Zihuatanejo.  The bus was an Estrella Blanca, Costa Bus with a fare of 180 Pesos for the five-hour trip.

My hotel in Zihuatanejo was just on this corner to the right, 
about a block from the beach

From Zihuatanejo there is bus service in all directions.  I booked a first class  Elite Bus to Guadalajara for 611 Pesos.

After a visit in Guadalajara I headed for Mazatlan via Primera Plus first class bus. 460 Peso,  230 Pesos for seniors, 8 hours

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