Saturday, May 3, 2014

Oaxaca Photo Walks. Oaxaca Centro Historico,

Oaxaca, Centro Historico, A Mile From Here
Text and Photos by David Hilbert

Traveling all over to make photos one neglects the place where they live and work.  True for me. Same for you?
I walk each day in the Centro Historico of Oaxaca city but rarely give enough notice of the interesting sights  to make photos.
Here is some pics of the neighborhood that I have shared with G+.

  The trees Flamboyants,  according to Blanca from Cuba, are brilliant at this time, just before the rainy season.  I called them Acacia, some call them Poinciana.  What is the name for them in your country?

                 Had breakfast with the poet in the ex-convento of Camino Real

 Courtyards are typical in the old colonial houses.  Church buildings were elegant in the colonial period

The shoeshine remains a tradition but one with more than shiny shoes at stake perhaps.  A Canadian friend did a study of the shoeshine from an anthropological perspective.

The markets are also about more than just shopping, a social event for the indigenous who live in the distant mountains.

Hand made, local goods  are available in the markets.  Several artisan markets  are in the area  along with vegetable markets selling local produce.

Look up to see forgotten architectural details from a different century.

Meat roasted to your order at Carnes Asadas on Miguel Cabrerra, the Mercado 20 de Noviembre.

Meat, cheese, or mole, cactus leaves, squash blossoms, or roasted grasshoppers; what will it be.  "Diga me, que le doy," say  the market ladies.

          Galleries on the Pedestrian-only Alcala offer art and artisan works.
Text and Photos by David Hilbert

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