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Bus Phoenix, AZ. to Mexico City

Bus Phoenix AZ to Mexico City 
Update 2014

Park in Aguascalientes.

Phoenix to Mazatlan 
    One of the popular routes to cross from the USA into Mexico is the route from Phoenix, AZ. through Tucson, AZ that crosses into Mexico at Nogales.  This crossing could be via Tufesa Bus, a cross-border bus that goes through Nogales and could include the red light/green light system at customs and an immigration check by US and Mexican officials.

  If you are vacationing in the USA and want to visit Mexico, the shuttle services located in Phoenix and Tucson and the cross-border Tufesa Bus service make it not only possible but fairly simple. The Tufesa Bus runs a bus route southeast on the Pacific Coast to Mazatlan and then inland to Guadalajara.
Tours in Guadalajara

 In Nogales, Mexico there are also Tap and Omnibus  (Estrella Blanca Bus) that run bus routes south and southeast through Mazatlan and through Chihuahua to Mexico City.

From Tucson there are two popular crossing routes offering transportation services, the crossing at Nogales and the one at Douglas Arizona/Agua Prieta, Mexico.  The best crossing point could depend on where you are going in Mexico.

 If you are traveling to the Central Mexico Alto Plano and cities such as Chihuahua, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi, and Mexico City, you might choose Douglas AZ/Agua Prieta border crossing as the quickest route. This is a distance of 1300 miles to Mexico City and is a little more direct for Central Mexico than the coastal route through Mazatlan and Guadalajara. The route through Douglas will take you to Chihuahua, Zacatecas and into Mexico City.
(and a whole lot Colonial Cities in between if you wish to tour.)

        The first leg of this trip could start with the shuttle from Phoenix or Tucson to the border.
I made this trip in April 2014, through Douglas AZ. with the Douglas Shuttle leaving Tucson at about 9 am. There are a few Douglas shuttles all located on or near South 6th Street in Tucson.
The Sun Tran Bus out of the Ronstadt Center in Tucson will reach south sixth.
The shuttle price is $25 for the two-hour trip to Douglas.
For Nogales the price is $12 USD.

     We arrived at Douglas AZ on the the Mexico/US border at 11:00 AM and I walked through without a check of any papers, or luggage.
     At the Douglas crossing I got a six-month tourist card. (permission to visit Mexico) $26 USD.  I went to an ATM in Agua Prieta at a bank a half block from immigration to get some pesos and then took a cab for 60 Pesos to the bus station, the Central de Autobus de Agua Prieta.
     At that bus station you find Estrella Blanca Bus running Chihuahuenses Buses and Futura Buses as far south as Mexico City.
Across the street find Omnibus first class buses running the same bus routes.
 I entered the Estrella Blanca station and handed the ticket clerk a paper with my name and destination.  The ticket price to Chihuahua was about 750 Pesos.
see Tips, destination and ticket price  

The bus arrived after a short wait.  I visited Chihuahua and Zacatecas on the way to Mexico City.

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