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Fort San Diego Museum, Acapulco,

Fort San Diego Museum, Acapulco, Mexico

Museo Historico de Acapulco, Fuerte de San Diego


   Acapulco is known for its beach hotels but also has some great museums. One of the best is the Fort San Diego Museum, (Fuerte de San Diego) just across from the cruise ship terminal.

Great views of Acapulco Bay from the fort

Fort San Diego was built in the early 1600s overlooking the harbor to protect shipping from pirates during the age of trade with the Philippines.

Trade with the Philippines was conducted by the annual flotilla of the Manila Galleons. This shipping trade from the mid 16th to the 19th centuries brought exotic luxury goods from Asia to Acapulco's harbor for shipment to Europe and the Americas.

Treasured cargo aboard the ships was a target for pirates 

The richness of the cargoes attracted pirates. The fort was thus built and rebuilt after destruction in battle with pirates and by earthquake.

The fort was self sustaining, with kitchen, storage, quarters, and
a chapel

The Museum Fort San Diego, is an Acapulco cultural highlight. See historic items and learn about life in Spain's American colony
Find the fort just beside the cruise ship terminal

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