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Bus Puerto Escondido to Acapulco

Bus From Puerto Escondido Oaxaca To Acapulco

Puerto Escondido dining on the beach at Playa Principal

Alta Mar Buses run from Pacific Coast Oaxaca along Route 200 north and pass several interesting lagoons and beaches, among them, ten miles west of Puerto Escondido, a reserve called the  Manialtepec Lagoon.    At Manialtepec you find restaurants, boat tours through the mangroves, kayaking, and a barrier beach.

Roseate Spoonbill winter at Chacahua 

Further north. beyond the town of Rio Grande, find the road to the Pastoria and Chacahua Lagoons.  This huge area of mangroves offers bird watching boat tours, a crocodile farm for the protection of the lagoon crocs, and a barrier beach with rustic lodging.  Wintering birds that roost on the islands in Chacahua Lagoon include the stork and the Platalea ajaja, the Roseate Spoonbill.

Storks roost at winter nesting areas in Chacahua 
Lagoon in January
Further north on route 200, beyond San Jose del Progresso, the coast highway heads inland into the mountain towards the town of Pinotepa National. 

This is not a scenic road as views of the ocean are rare. The villages yield some interesting churches but otherwise the road to Acapulco is long and bland.

The road reaches Acapulco near the airport and continues to the resort beaches. 

Acapulco resort beaches along Route 200,
 the coast highway.

Beyond Acapulco the coast road continues north.  Local buses reach Pie de la Cuesta, about six miles north, a good place to find quiet lodging, camping, and access by frequent bus to the city and beaches of Acapulco.

Pie de la Cuesta is a barrier beach  that offers
 lodging and camping on the beach.  Buses run 

frequently to Acapulco's resort beaches

Puerto Escondido Map 

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