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Bus Coastal Oaxaca to Tucson Arizona

Bus The Coast From Oaxaca to Tucson Arizona

Oaxaca City evening stroll at the Zocalo
Vans and buses run routes from Oaxaca City to the Pacific Coast beaches.   You could continue north by bus and tour the entire coast and end at Nogales or Tijuana, Mexico where you cross the US border into California or Tucson, Arizona.
Oaxaca City, in the mountains at 5000 feet elevation
This trip can start with vans that leave Oaxaca City (link)  for the coastal beaches of Oaxaca on Route 175 to Puerto Angel or Route 131 to Puerto Escondido (link).

Oaxaca City looking north
ADO/OCC Buses also make this trip on Route 190, The Pan American Highway to the resort beaches of Huatulco and then go north west along the coast to Pochutla and Puerto Escondido. (Camping)

Puerto Escondido offers surfing at Zicatela Beach
 The van trip to Pochutla might be a better choice of the three routes to the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca for several reason, foremost because it is the shortest.   This road is also better maintained while Route 131 to Puerto Escondido could be closed due to landslides during the rainy season.
Vans run from Oaxaca City to the coast , Puerto 
Escondido and Pochutla  Vans

Route 131 could also be congested with religious pilgrims traveling by bicycle to the mountain town of Santa Catarina Juquila. The pilgrims are most active during the months of November and December.

On route 175, you will go through Ocotlan a town with market day on Friday (link)  then into a broad valley towards Ejutla, and eventually Miahuatlan. Once you pass Mihuatlan, you start up into the mountains. The road narrows and the hairpin turns come at you rapidly. These mountains will test your stomach but the difficult part of the ride is relatively short.  and in fact the distance by road between Miahuatlan and the coast is a short 90 miles.  Short but you will twist through untold peaks and valleys of the Sierra Madre Del Sur for five or more hours.

Zipolite Beach Sunset

The mountain road will eventually flatten out as you approach the town of Pochutla where you will find the crossroads for Coast highway, Route 200. If you continue through Pochutla on 175 by taxi or collective taxi  and cross the main highway, you will come, after six miles, to the coast and the fishing village of Puerto Angel.

The beach village of Mazunte offers the Turtle Museum

Route 175 ends in Puerto Angel, having gone about 320 miles and crossing Mexico over two mountain ranges while going from Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico to Puerto Angel on the Pacific Coast

Dawn at Zipolite Beach, Oaxaca
Several coastal villages near Pochutla  are popular stops for visitors: Puerto Angel, Zipolite(link), San Agustinillo, Mazunte and its turtle museum, and the crocodile lagoon village of Ventanilla.   Ventanilla Crocodiles

Camping on the beach at Mazunte, Oaxaca

Breakfast at Zipolite Beach

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