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Bus Trip Pacific Coast Beaches, Mexico

Bus To Pacific Coast Beaches of Mexico
Busing between the Pacific Coast beaches of Mexico is made simple by the extensive first class bus service and by the plentiful and often rustic (inexpensive) accommodations found all along Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

Independent travelers often make this circuit which includes ruin sites and Colonial Cities along with the beaches.
Mexico’s Pacific Coast beaches popular with bus travelers include Playa Arista in Chiapas, beaches and ruins in Tapachula Chiapas,(link)  Puerto Escondido, Mazunte, and Zipolite in Oaxaca, north to Zihuatanejo, Playa Azule, Nexpa, and further north to San Blas, and Mazatlan.
Cities often visited by travelers include San Cristobal de las Casas, Oaxaca City, Patscuaro, Morelia, (link)  and Guadalajara,.  Ruin sites include Palenque,  Monte AlbanTeotihuhucan, and Tula.
Many backpackers make these bus trips while exploring the lesser known beaches where surfing, camping, and ecotouring are popular with visitors.

A Mexico beach and city trip can start in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca,  in South Cantral Mexico, in Mazatlan, or in Mexico City; each is a good transportation hub for bus travel.
In the north of Mexico, Mazatlan or Chihuahua are good transportation bases for bus travel in northern Mexico.  Mexico City offers four bus terminals serving all of Mexico.  In South Central Mexico, Oaxaca City offers good connections to all of south central and southern Mexico. A bus trip vacation could as easily start in any large city in Mexico.
Huatulco Beaches, Oaxaca Pacific Coast 


From Oaxaca City, the OCC buses run south from Oaxaca’s first class ADO Bus terminal.

The night buses  are a good option because they provide comfortable rest or sleep and arrive at the destination in the morning so that you can have daylight to start your hotel search.
From Oaxaca City, OCC buses reach the beach resort of Huatulco in 8 hours at a cost of 270 pesos. (money exchange rates) Huatulco is a modern resort area that inclludes 33 beaches within nine bays.  Some of those beaches are in remote undeveloped bays with camping on the beach an option.
From the new first class ADO bus terminal in Huatulco it is a ten block walk or 30 peso cab ride to the center of the town of Crucecita where the tourist information kiosk will have information on camping and budget lodging.

Here you might hire English-speaking cab driver Rodrigo Lorenzo Mtz. who will give you a tour of Huatulco for 150 Peso per hour and will show you the beaches were camping is allowed. (Call him on cell 958-109-3271 for a bus station pickup)

Otherwise take a collective cab from the Combi stand (shared taxis) one block east of the Zocalo. The cabs make inexpensive runs to many of the beaches. Budget lodging is available at Crucecita at the various posadas, 150-250 pesos.

Huatulco, small bay and undeveloped beach
Huatulco offers a wide variety of vacation options including golf, boat tours, the Copalita Ruin Site, Spas, Shopping, ecotours in a large nature preserve, coffee plantation tours, snorkeling, diving, fishing, and beaches. Lodging options run from five star hotels to budget posadas and camping. In the nine bays and 33 beaches of Huatulco there is something for every budget.

Flights reach Huatulco’s airport from Mexico City and from Oaxaca.
Buses run from ADO Sations for first Class Bus service to Huatulco.

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