Monday, August 20, 2012

Day Trips From Cancun

Chichen Itza ruin can be a day trip from Cancun.  ADO first class bus reaches
Chichen Itza from Cancun and Valladolid

Valladolid can be reached by bus from Cancun
Cancun is a very lively town with good beaches, bungee, diving, the water toys, shuttle boats to the islands, and nightlife in the hotel Zone.  The Cancun local bus cruises through the Hotel Zone 24-7 and also makes many routes throughout the city.  On the Hotel Zone bus route you can make a day trip away from your hotel by getting off at the public beaches, the shuttle boat terminal, the shopping plazas, and the restaurants.  The Cancun local bus drops off at designated stops but you can hail the bus if you are between stops.  The bus fare is ten pesos or less.
ADO Bus terminal in Cancun offers first class bus 
service to much of Mexico

Many options for day trip travel are available in Cancun including first class bus to many other locations.  ADO Bus runs from the Cancun Terminal to Playa del Carmen and to Tulum Ruin Site.  At the entrance to the ruin site there is a small ADO Station.  Buses run south to the town of Tulum where there is a larger station for longer trips south to Chetumal and Belize.  At Tulum you will find a good beach just below the ruin site.   
Just across the highway from the Tulum entrance, collective taxis reach Tulum City.  The colectivos also run to Playa del Carmen from Tulum.  ADO  bus service reaches Cancun from Tulum.

Valladolid offers a lighted central plaza
or zocalo
You can reach Chichen Itza by bus from Cancun or from Valladolid.  It is best to visit Chichen Itza as early as possible to avoid the crowds and the hordes of vendors.  An extended trip might include a night in Valladolid which will allow you to visit Chichen Itza first thing in the morning via the collective taxi.  A good Valladolid hotel is the San Clemente.
The Chichen Itza Ruin Site might be a disappointment with its entrance fee being around 3 times more for out of country tourists.  The hundreds of vendors also detract from the experience.  Chichen Itza is unique, however, but it is lamentable that none of the buildings are accessible and that it is so crowded. 
Valladolid also offers a cenote swim for 15 Pesos three blocks east of the center of town.  There is a lifeguard on duty.
 Good hotels on the main plaza,  good restaurants, shopping, and transportation make Valladolid a good base for trips  to the west to visit the town of Izamal, the "Yellow City," and trips to the north visit the ruin of Ekbalam.

Valladolid is a good base for trips to the ruin sites. 
Valladolid offers colectivo transportation
 and first  class bus service to Chichen ItZa
A Cenote in Valladolid offers swimming

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