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Bus Service To Guadalajara

Bus Service To Guadalajara
  • Guadalajara Bus Terminals
Guadalajara is a big city with several bus terminals. (about 9 in all if you include the hotels where first class buses stop)

Zapopan is one of the small terminals where you find Primera Plus, Tap Bus, and Omnibus. Another terminal serves Tufesa bus on its runs from Phoenix, Tucson, and Mazatlan to Guadalajara.
Central Autobus is another of the major terminals where you find many bus line and bus routes including Tap, Primera Plus, Ominibus, and others.
 It is important to reach the terminal that will provide the most options for you if your journey will be touring the historic center of the city or traveling beyond Guadalajara.

Tufesa Bus Tucson to Guadalajara

  • Zapopan Terminal, Terminal Nuevo Milenio
Zapopan is a small terminal, 11 miles to the west of the Centro Historico on Mexico Route 15. Tufesa bus and Vallarta buses serve from this terminal.
Nearby, another terminal also called Zapopan, or Nuevo Mileniuo, offers bus routes west to the Pacific Coast of Mexico including Puerto Vallarta and Tepic, and also offers bus routes to Mexico City and to the east. Primera Plus, Tap, Omnibus, and ETN run bus routes from Zoapan Terminal. (This terminal is also listed as Central Terminal but most commonly called Zapopan).
Mexico Bus Service Guide

  • Tufesa Bus Terminal
Tufesa Bus serves Guadalajara with bus routes from the USA with cross-border buses the run down the Pacific Coast to Mazatlan , Tepic, and Guadalajara. Tufesa runs bus routes from two terminals.

  • Antigua Central de Camionera
The Central Bus Station is a large bus terminal with many bus lines that cover much of Central and Northern Mexico from the USA border to Mexico City and to much of the Pacific Coast.  The Old Centra Bus Station is located about 20 blocks south of the Guadalajara Cathedral and Centro Historico of Guadalajara. (A good area for touring the large open parks, museums, and plazas.) Taxi to the Centro Historico
ETN Terminal
The Etn Bus terminal is located about 7 miles east of the Centro Historico.

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