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Puebla Bus Terminals

     Puebla Bus Terminals

Puebla is a large city with a great colonial center that receives many tourist, most arriving into Puebla's two bus terminals. The City of Puebla lies about two hours south of Mexico City and four hours north of Oaxaca City. Many bus lines serve Puebla's two bus terminals, , the large, Centro de Autobus also called “CAPU”, and the smaller, Estrella Roja Bus company terminal called 4 Ponientes Bus Terminal or “4Pte.”

       Centro de Autobus, CAPU

The huge Centro de Autobus, CAPU is the busiest of the terminals because many buslines serve the terminal from all over Mexico.  Bus routes reach north to the US border and South to Cancun.  CAPU is a sprawling complex built in two stories with up ramps and down ramps that allow you to cross over the busy bus entry and loading area.  Ticket sales are a walk from the bus entrance slots.
If you arrive by ADO from Mexico City you must take the up ramp and then a down ramp to find the ticket sales.

Puebla's Capu is one of the few stations where ADO buses to popular cities in the south and east such as Jalapa and Oaxaca could fill to capacity and you might want to order tickets ahead.  www.ADO   

  • Taxis From CAPU
The taxis are regulated from booths inside the terminal.  Pay at the counter and receive your receipt.  Walk to the taxi stand and give the receipt at another booth.  You receive a dispatch card and you are on your way.  Taxi to the Centro Historic and Cathedral will cost 52 Pesos.  
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4 Pointe Bus Terminal
This terminal is named for its location on 4 Poinente Street about 12 blocks west and three blocks north of the Zocalo. (two miles)
Buses serve many locations including the Mexico City Airport.

  • Terminal Autobus Cholula
Another terminal, this one for the for the Cholula buses, is located five blocks west and five blocks north of the Puebla Zocalo.
  • Cholula
Cholula is the site of the largest Pyramid in Mexico.  The Spanish built a church on top of the earthen mound built by ancient cultures of the Puebla Valley.

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