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First Class Bus, Phoenix And Tucson Arizona to Mexico City

Bus routes follow high speed roads 

 Two routes are suitable to travel by bus from Phoenix and Tucson to the southern parts of Mexico.  One route follows the Pacific coast through Mazatlan and then swings inland to Guadalajara.  The other route is over the Alto Plano through Chihuahua and Zacatecas.
Both these routes will have a similar trip duration and cost, it will only depend on your desire to speed through or to stop along the way and visit some of the colonial cities or Pacific Coast beach towns.

Primera Plus Bus reaches Zihuatanejo (above) Mazatlan,
 and San Blas among other beach towns on the Pacific Coast

     I have made many trips on both routes and usually stop in various cities along the way. On the coast route, Mazatlan is a good beach stop. San Blas and Zihutanejo are other good beach stops although they require a detour. Guadalajara, Morelia, and Patscuaro are interesting colonial cities along this route.
The first class buses usually avoid the steep mountain roads when possible.

     On the Alto Plano route I have detoured to Copper Canyon from Chihuahua and also visited Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes, (link for info)  and Guanajuato  among others. You can, however, do a straight, 28-hour run to Mexico City from Agua Prieta.

Tucson Schedule And Bus Fares
Tufesa Bus is one of the options if you travel the Pacific Coast route through Mazatlan and Guadalajara. The Tufesa buses run from Phoenix through Tucson and cross the border at Nogales to run south to Guadalajara, Mexico. They leave Tucson four times daily, 11:00 am, 2:30 pm, 6:30 pm, and 8:00 pm. Trip cost USD $147. 00. (2013 prices)  Tufesa Bus offers free WiFi aboard and in the stations.

Tufesa runs bus route as far north as Ontario. The Phoenix /Tucson route at times starts in Las Vegas. Tufesa buses leave from 16 locations in California and four in Arizona as well as Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and many other cities in the US. The Tucson route makes the border crossing at Nogales and reaches south to Guadalajara with several stops along the Pacific Coast including Mazatlan.
Futura Buses run direct from Agua Prieta to Mexico City

Guadalajara Bus Change
Tufesa Bus runs routes as far south as Guadalajara. Here you would change bus lines to continue south. Tufesa stops at two stations in Guadalajara, the second terminal (last stop in Guadalajara) is the most convenient for onward bus travel.
Guadalajara offers several bus terminals and is a major bus hub 
for Tufesa Bus and Primera Plus among many others.

Primera Plus Bus
Primera Plus Bus is a good option for continuing your trip to Mexico City. Cost of Primera Plus service to Mexico's Norte Bus Terminal will be around $50 USD  575-600 Pesos (half price for seniors) Primera Plus offers free WiFi with electrical outlets

Once in Mexico you will find that Mexico's Bus systems are extensive and modern.  Mexico's first Class buses have plush seat for sleeping, leg rests, air conditioning, (bring a sweater) lavatories, seat belts, deeply reclining seats, and video movies. (Bring ear plugs for sleeping)
First class buses use the larger hub cities to reach even the most distant cities for about 15 cents USD per mile. The first class buses use the modern, high-speed toll roads (quota) wherever possible.
Primera Plus runs route from a new station in Guadalajara

Alternate Bus Route Through Central Mexico
The other bus route mentioned here is the Alto Plano route through the highlands of Central Mexico.
On the high plains route from Douglas Arizona to Chihuahua

     Starting at Douglas, Arizona/Agua Prieta, Mexico at about 3000 feet above sea level you eventually reach 7,400 feet above sea level in Mexico City.
This trip from Phoenix or Tucson starts with a van shuttle to the border town of Agua Prieta. You walk across through customs and immigration and cab to the bus terminal. Chihuahuenses Buses and Futura Buses (Estrella Blanca) run bus routes south through Chihuahua, Zacatecas, and several other cities for the 28-hour run to Mexico City's Norte Terminal.  Bus ticket price here is about $150.00 USD.
Just across the street from the Futura station, the Omnibus starts its trips over the same bus routes to Mexico City's Norte Terminal.
Guadalajara offer much to see in its museums and colonial 

Mexico City Norte Terminal
For those interested in touring all the way to Central America by bus , you could go from Guadalajara on a Primera Plus bus to Mexico City’s Terminal Norte. Then take an ADO bus to Tapachula, Chiapas and then a Tica Bus to Panama City, Panama.
For travelers going to Cancun, Chichen Itza, or Belize and Guatamala through Chetumal, the ADO buses from Norte Terminal in Mexico City cover all of southern Mexico.

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Futura Bus runs north and west of Mexico City reaching the
 US border at Douglas/Agua Prieta, Nogales, and Tijuana and 

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