Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bus to Teotihuacan Ruin Site

Bus Oaxaca to Norte Station Mexico City, Bus Norte to Teotihuacan
ADO First Class Terminal Oaxaca
This bus trip from Oaxaca City starts with a first class ticket on ADO regular service from Oaxaca to Mexico City Norte Station.  I bought the 10:15 pm bus ticket in the morning of the trip because this is a popular night run and can sell out on weekends.  The 10:15 bus would get me to Norte at 5:00-5:30 am,  a good time to have coffee and a pastry in the station and then catch the first bus out of Norte for the ruins of Teotihuacan.

ADO Bus Station Oaxaca, eight blocks north of the Zocalo

The bus trip north took less than seven hours and we arrived around 4:45 am.   Ticket price 488 pesos.  The regular ADO service plays no movies at night and this makes the trip a good sleep.

Norte Station offers many options for bus service to all 
of Mexico

Norte offers pastry shops,convenience stores, and restaurants
 such as Don Camion 

After breakfast at Don Camions in the Norte station I stored my luggage at the 24 hour baggage booth.  I then bought a ticket at the Teotihuacan Bus office for 40 pesos to the Zona Arqeologico stop.  The ticket sales booth is all the way to the left as you face the ticket sales booths.  The next booth, Ovnibus,  offers tickets to Tula Hidalgo where you find the Ruin Site of Tula, the Toltec city.

The Teotihuacan ticket office offers trips to the Teotihuacan
Ruin Site starting at six am 

The first bus for the Teotihuacan Ruin Site leaves at 6 am.. The bus pulled in to slot number seven.  The bus is marked Pyramids. It is best to ask and show your ticket here as it is a confusing array of buses going in all directions

Sunday morning at Teotihuacan Ruin Site saw hot air balloons
 hovering over the site.

The early morning bus takes a half hour to reach the ruin site entrance.  The Teotihuacan site opens at 7:00 am.  I walked north beside the park towards the Pyramid of the Sun.  There is an entrance and bus stop just opposite the Pyramid of the sun

The Pyramid of the Moon Teotihuacan

For the return, the exit opposite the Pyramid of the Sun offers Teotihuacan buses every 12 minutes with a ticket seller there on the corner across from the exit road.  The trip back to Norte station takes about one hour in the mid day.

By eleven o'clock the ruin site was packed with visitors.  I headed to the museum at the southeast corner of the Pyramid of the Sun.  At about 1 pm I left the site by the entrance opposite the Pyramid of the sun and caught the bus back to Central Norte Bus Terminal..

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