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Bus Border Crossing, USA to Mazatlan and Acapulco, Mexico

Bus Border Crossing, USA to Mazatlan and Acapulco

Bus travel in Mexico is over modern highways and toll roads cut through the mountains.

US travelers can reach the Pacific coast beaches of Mexico by comfortable, first class bus.  Travelers from the US and Canada have found an alternative to the airliner for trips to Mexico, the long-haul, first class bus.  The buses allow trips to the various colonial cities and beach resorts of Mexico while offering more leg room and more comfort than the airliner. The first class bus service in Mexico is plentiful, economical, and stress-free.

Mexico offers some great beaches, not just the resorts.  
One of the Tufesa Bus stops on its way south from Tucson
down the Pacific coast is at Topolobampo, a port for the ferry
 to La Paz in the Baja  and  also a starting terminal for the
Copper Canyon Train

Nogales To Mazatlan By Tufesa Bus
One bus travel option is the Tufesa Bus, a cross-border bus that serves from many US cities to run bus routes south from LA, AZ and Nevada across the Mexican border through Nogales or Tijuana.

Tufesa Bus stops in Los Mochis where the 
Copper Canyon Train starts its 6 am run into
 the canyon
Tufesa Bus runs routes south along the Pacific Coast passing through the beach resort of Mazatlan  link (great town for a beach break) and then inland to its two terminals in Guadalajara.  Free WiFi aboard.    Guadalajara link

Guadalajara is a major bus hub for bus routes to Coastal Mexico
and the Colonial cities on the Alto Plano

This first class bus service is economical at about 13 to 15 cents USD per mile 
The great advantage of first class bus travel in Mexico over air travel is that you can stop in the small colonial cities or beach resort towns and tour for a few days. You could just tour for the day and then taxi back to the bus station, board a night bus and sleep until you reach the next city or beach town. 
The Tufesa stop in Mazatlan will offer the beach resort for a tour and also offer several other bus lines such as Primera Plus and ETN Bus for first class bus service to other parts of Mexico.
From Mazatlan the buses continue on to Guadalajara where you can find onward buses to Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco.

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