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Bus From Cancun To Palenque Archaeological Site

Palenque Archaeological Site By ADO First Class Bus From Cancun
Palenque archaeological site, the Castle

ADO Bus To Palenque

ADO Bus runs a good bus route from Cancun  (link) to Palenque by going by way of Tulum  (link) and Chetumal, a trip of 515 miles.  The road across Campeche and the Yucatan  is straight and flat with few settlements.  It is a 13 or so hour trip and the 3:45 bus got me into Palenque early in the morning regardless of a political road block that forced us to abandon the bus for collective taxis about ten miles from Palenque. 
 I have made the trip before through Valladolid  (link) and Merida  (link)  but that is a much longer ride, more stops, although the mileage is about the same.  
Once I arrived in the town of Palenque I stored my luggage at the Palenque Bus Station and caught a colectivo at the Cabeza Maya for the ruins and museum.

Sculpture depicting the ruler Pacal

Transportation to the Archaeological Site of Palenque

From the ADO bus station I walked up to the rotary at the Cabeza Maya and soon enough a white colectivo careened around the corner and stopped just in front of the new ADO Bus Station under construction.  Twenty Peso to the ruin site, double what it was last year but still a bargain.  
New ADO Bus Terminal under construction

We passed through the gate where the local people take a 25 pesos entrance fee and were soon at the museum, paying again for entrance to the site and museum.  In total about 90 pesos.  
The sculpture called the Cabeza Maya is a handy 
landmark.  Collective taxis leave from here to the 
archaeological site.

  Palenque Archaeological Site

Last year I walked the trail from the museum up through the tropical forest   (link) to the archaeological site with all its ancient buildings.  This visit I toured the museum and then hailed a taxi for the mile or so to the main site.
Model of the temple complex called The Castle
Mayan writing has been deciphered in modern times 
and reveals much about the history of Palenque and
its rulers. 

Mask of the Red Queen

After the museum visit I went to the road and hailed a taxi for the trip to the archaeological site entrance.

View from the plaza below the temple of the Inscriptions,
the building that housed  the tomb of  the  ruler Pacal who
died in 683 AD.

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